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Rapid Transformation Therapy

What is RTT?

Offering permanent and fast transformation in as few as one to three sessions, Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) combines principles of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and neuroscience. While RTT is primarily used in the field of therapy and personal development, it can also have potential applications in the recruitment process.

Here are ways RTT can be beneficial in the context of recruitment or enhancement of Executive teams.

  • Supporting transition and adaptation: RTT can be beneficial for candidates going through career transitions or facing challenges in adapting to new management or work environments. It can help individuals navigate change, manage stress, and develop resilience, enabling them to thrive in new roles and environments.
  • Addressing limiting beliefs. Candidates may have deep-rooted limiting beliefs that hinder their confidence, performance, or ability to present themselves effectively. RTT can help identify and address these beliefs, allowing candidates to overcome self-sabotaging patterns and present themselves more positively.
  • Enhancing performance: Nervousness and anxiety can negatively impact a candidate’s performance. RTT techniques can help candidates manage anxiety, build confidence, and develop effective communication and interview skills. By addressing any underlying issues, candidates can better articulate their qualifications, experiences, and strengths.
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Rapid Transformation Therapy

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RTT can be utilised as an additional tool to support candidates in their personal and professional growth, helping them overcome barriers and present themselves more effectively during transitional phases. Freedom People work with several qualified professionals who are trained in the RTT technique and who work closely with Human Resource Directors and Executive Leadership Teams interested in applying RTT techniques to their workforce. Consultation fees are £250/hr for a single session. Contact in the first instance.

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