Why December Is The Best Time To Update Your CV

December is the perfect time to update your CV. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or not, here are a few benefits of updating your CV during the festive period.

Yearly Successes
Updating your CV at the end of the year gives you a holistic view of the past twelve months. This give you the ability to distinctly highlight all your most recent successes and include any new skills you have developed in the past year.

Christmas Break
One main factor that deters many from updating their CV is the time it takes to do so. Professionals are busy people, so finding a spare hour in the week can sometimes be difficult. By updating your CV in December, you can utilise your free time during the Christmas break.

Job Search
Many employees use December to ignite their job search. This means companies will be looking for replacements in the January period more than any other time. By having an up to date CV ready, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

New Budgets
At the start of the new year, companies give their teams refreshed spending budgets depending on their previous yearly performance. If teams are expanding, this is taken into the projected spend. Therefore, by updating your CV in December, you’ll be prepared for any talent teams or recruiters that come knocking on your door.

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