Why Are Merchandisers So Important?

Merchandisers are one of the most sought-after roles in the industry today. Not only must they have a critical understanding of business management, they must also have an intuition for sell-out product category trends. Here, we look at the importance of merchandisers and why they are currently so in-demand.

Firstly, to fully understand why merchandisers are so important, we must understand what merchandising is. It is the strategic analysis, marketing, management and distribution of a company’s products in order to fully maximise profits. By staying on top of different trends, merchandisers must decide how much of each product to stock, they must negotiate prices and work with relevant parties on consumer expectations.

Merchandisers have a very holistic role to play in a retail business. Their role is more 360 degree than any other and thus have several potential areas they must focus on. Merchandisers must stay deeply aware of the past and present trends to project and predict what consumers will want in the future. They must be able to blend their trending intuition with their innate quantitative analysis to look at how products have performed and forecast consumer demand for coming seasons.

Their importance to a company is critical due to the vast amount of skills they must obtain in order to be successful. Merchandisers need the eye of a buyer but also the mathematical brain of a data analyst. They handle the stock levels of a retailer, thus are highly responsible for the profitability of the store(s). Amongst all of this, merchandisers can be responsible for the marketing and promotion of a product, which requires them to have a keen understanding of marketing but most importantly, a company’s demographics.

So, as you can see, merchandisers are crucial to a company due to the layers of skills that are required for the role. From systematically calculating trends and analysing data, to negotiating prices and ensuring profit levels, a merchandiser is the complete package.

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