What To Exclude From Your CV

Does your CV exceed the one to two-page limit? Having a long resume with unnecessary details can often put interviewers and hiring managers off your application. Here’s some tips on what not to include on your resume.

Never Use A Title
Never title your CV ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’; employers and consultants should know exactly what sort of document it is simply by looking at it. If you want to title your CV for organisational purposes, title the file name “CV” along with your full name.

No Unnecessary Personal Information
Personal information beyond your address, email and contact number is not needed. Listing details such as your age, race, gender and sexual orientation, is a waste of space and should be left out of your resume.

Leave Out Photos
Many companies prefer applicants to refrain from including a photograph of themselves, so they can adhere with all equal opportunity legislations. Photographs are also extremely hard to format for consultants. Make sure these are not included.

Unrelated Work Experience
Listing every job you’ve ever had can be a waste of you and your interviewers time. Keep your work experience relevant to the job you’re applying for.

References Available Upon Request
Generally, it is assumed that an applicant will have references. Instead of including these on your CV simply say, "References are available upon request,".

Criminal Record
If you get hired, the company will likely conduct a search of your criminal record. However, there is no need to include this information on your CV.