The Burberry Foundation Announce New Initiative

The Burberry Foundation has announced a new educative initiative for schools and children in Yorkshire. The foundation is an independent charity launched by Burberry that looks to provide creative support to less fortunate communities. Specifically, the new four-year-long unitive, in partnership with King’s College London, aims to measure the impact the arts and creative subjects has on young students’ lives.

With eight participating schools on their side, research undertaken by KCL will assess how disciplines such as film, dance, theatre and art can impact the academia and personal development of students’. The aim being to provide support and evidence of the positive effect creative learning has on students. "At Burberry, we believe that creativity should be nurtured, and we are passionate about championing the benefits of making arts and culture available to all," Leanne Wood, a trustee of the Burberry Foundation and chief people, strategy and corporate affairs officer at Burberry, told WWD.

As part of the development, local arts organisations, such as Leeds Playhouse, Leeds Young Film, Northern Ballet and the art gallery Hepworth Wakefield, will provide artists-in-residence to the all eight participating schools. “We want to inspire young people across the country to explore the wide variety of ways they can be involved in the creative industries and help to create a wealth of talent for one of Britain’s most important sectors," Wood added. As advocates of the Arts for students, Freedom are delighted with the news of this project.