The Book Club: Series 3

It’s always daunting being self-employed; from knowing tax regulations to monetising your assets, there’s a lot to know when going out on your own. In the latest edition of our Book Club, we bring three must read books for any business owners or freelancers.

Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Freelance Business - Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Meg Mateo Ilasco
Very much a book for visual artists, Meg Ilasco, author of Craft, Inc and Joy Deangedeelert Cho, founder of Oh Joy!, collaborate to spark intriguing and relevant conversations in their fantastic book, Creative, Inc. Focused on creatives, such as illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and more, Creative, Inc shows insight into how to run a successful business doing what you love. From giving advice on how to build a standout portfolio to understanding the legal diameters of self-employment, Meg and Joy have created an essential read for any entrepreneur.

The Freelancer’s Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams — On your Terms - Sara Horowitz
Sara Horowitz, former freelancer and founder of the Freelancer’s Union, a union representing more than 375,000 independent workers, has written the go to book for any freelancer looking to expand their freelancing business. Clocking in at over nearly 500 pages, the book covers many logistical issues that freelancers will come across. From learning how to do your expenses as a freelancer to understanding tax codes, we guarantee you will gain something meaningful from this excellent read.

The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed: The Only Personal Finance System for People with Not-So Regular Jobs – Joseph D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan
The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed is a revolutionary book channelling everything you need to know about your finances whilst being self-employed. From advice on managing your cashflow, to looking ahead at your pension plan, Joseph D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan provide the go-to guide for all freelancers. Amongst the read is insightful interviews with financial experts and accountants and life anecdotes for experienced freelancers; plus, some fantastic graphs and charts to help you visualise and tricky sections.