The 5 Most In-Demand Jobs In Fashion

Having a career in fashion is a dream to some and a reality to many; a multi-billion-pound industry that is increasingly diverse and thrives on creativity and innovation. As its workforce grows year-on-year, here are the 5 most in-demand jobs in fashion.

Merchandisers and the Merchandising function are critical to a business’s long term success due to product being one of a retailers biggest costs. Overproduction (and underproduction of key pieces) is scrutinised in the industry so if Merchandisers misjudge product levels, not only will a company’s profits decrease but their social perception will also be negative. By working closely with Buying teams to plan, trade, analyse and forecast to maximise profit and limit risk, the Merchandising team ensure the right product is in the right place at the right price at the right time.

Garment Technologist
The role garment technologists play in a business has increased due to the focus on more sustainability in fashion production. In a time where sustainability is a considerable factor to consumers buying decisions, garment technologists have never been more important. Working closely with design teams, they crucially develop new materials, improve production techniques and ensure a maximum level of quality throughout the creation of a garment.

Data Analyst
Data is fundamentally the most important information any business can have. In the world we live in today and in the future, data is power; so having people that can analyse big sets of data is a very hireable skill. CRM Databases are becoming more informative and having people that can read analytics allows businesses to make informed decisions on their spending and to stay objective in their analysis. As technological advancements continue to thrive, big data analysts are going to become increasingly desired.

Menswear Designer
Designers are one of the highest profile roles in the industry; they are the crux of a collection and the vision of a campaign. Menswear lines have increasingly become more and more in-demand as brands further their investment into men’s products. Nicknamed the ‘dark horse’ of fashion, consider familiarising yourself with menswear trends if you’re looking to pursue a career in design.

Temporary Sales Assistant
Sales assistants are integral to the successful operations of any retail store. From communicating with customers to presenting the products in-store, sales assistants are highly demanded in retail businesses. Ahead of retail’s busiest period, Christmas and January sales, sales assistants are needed more than any other time in the year.