TED Talks To Listen To Before 2019

TED Talks are widely listened to for their intellectual conversation and topical diversity. As fashion grows more conscious of its presence, TED talks are gaining increasing popularity to discuss focal issues. Here are our favourite TED talks you must listen to before 2019.

How Fashion Helps Us Express Who We Are And What We Stand For – Kaustav Dey
Kaustav Dey, who leads up the marketing department in India for Tommy Hilfiger, delivered a fantastically intriguing TED talk earlier this year surrounding how fashion can lead to repressed identities. ‘How Fashion Helps Us Express Who We Are And What We Stand For´ examines the non-verbal language of fashion and why we should embrace our uniqueness rather than conforming to the trends of fast fashion. Listen to Mahir Can Isik’s TED talk too for more information on the matter.

3 Myths About The Future Of Work - Daniel Susskind
“Will machines replace humans?”, a question very much on the minds of the employed. Daniel Susskind, popular economist, explores the impact of AI on work and society. In his latest TED talk, Daniel looks to disprove three conceptions about our automated future and asks us to consider a more imperative problem…

3 Creative ways To Fix Fashion’s Waste Problem - Amit Kalra
Amit Kalra’s informative TED Talk is all about the troubling problem of overconsumption combined with overproduction. A whopping 13 million tons of unbought clothes in the US alone ends up in landfills each year. Amit persuasively shares his very creative and unique ideas to combat the problem fashion faces, whilst also gaining a competitive advantage.

Plus Size? More Like My Size – Ashely Graham
After taking the year by storm and becoming the first plus-size model to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Ashley Graham has been trying to redefine feminine beauty. In this fantastic listen, the Nebraska-born model talks about the criticism she has faced for her body and how the fashion industry originally doubted she could ever become successful. She also makes a real case for the term “plus-size” to be banished. Whilst the plus-size conversation has been active for over a decade, Graham’s views on the matter are highly interesting and is an easily recommendable listen.