London Fashion Celebrates Suffragettes

In partnership with the British Fashion Council and Mayor of London’s #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols are joining forces to celebrate a century of women voting rights in the UK. Each of the shopping giants will be giving their display windows a full make-over with the latter of the three rebranding itself Holly Nichols for the entirety of September.

“London was at the heart of the fight for women’s suffrage,” Justine Simons, OBE, deputy mayor for culture and creative industries stated. “From rallies in Trafalgar Square to marches and protests in west London, the streets of our city were the backdrop to a brave and tireless campaign for this fundamental democratic right.”

The department stores displays will consist of shattered-glass effect paying homage to the West End protests of 1912, as well as posters, quotes and footage of past female demonstrations. Each stores commitment to empowering women will not stop after the London Fashion Week displays; all have begun to roll out new management programmes and leadership schemes pledged to the empowerment of the careers of women in the industry. 65% of Fortnum & Mason’s management team are rightly women whilst 58% of Harvey Nichols’ upper pay staff are also female. In the meantime, Harrods have just introduced the first staff training department in the country with specific courses for women to learn business skills.

The BFC’s chief executive, Caroline Rush CBE commented, “The British fashion industry is known for its creativity, diversity and inclusivity, so I was thrilled to see our industry get behind this very important campaign.”