Introducing Vogue Business

Condé Naste has launched Vogue Business, a digital publication that delivers a global perspective on the fashion industry including market trends, new technologies and cultural movements. Whilst the digital-only publication leverages Vogue’s name, we are assured that Vogue Business will operate as a separate entity and all journalism is completely independent.

Condé Nast International said in a statement "We are constantly evaluating how we work across countries and brands and how we develop our products to expand our global leadership in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle spaces".

Although the official launch is today, the B2B publication underwent a soft launch last year where they ran 49 prototype newsletters with sign-ups encouraged by sponsored social advertising. The publication is now at 7,000 subscribers – Freedom were one of the testers – and from what we saw of those 49 newsletters, we’re delighted to see Vogue Business officially launch.

It’s editor, Laura Indvik, has previously written for global news outlets including Mashable, the Independent and most recently Vogue International where she created stories for Vogues largest markets including Europe, Asia and South America. Suzy Menkes, one of fashion’s most respected journalists, will also contribute to the title.

Whilst Vogue Business will not cover breaking news or personal appointments like the Business Of Fashion and Drapers, it will feature interpretive journalism and analysis. Although this is purely speculative, we also expect that Vogue Business will not always be free, eventually moving to a subscription model like its contenders.

Fashion has never moved at such a fast and progressive pace, so we welcome another source to interpret the direction of the industry; after all, knowledge is power and that is something all like-minded fashion professionals seek.

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