Instagram′s Biggest Feature Yet

Yesterday, it was announced that Instagram will allow users to directly make purchases and checkout within its app. Initially rolling out in the US, luxury brands (Prada, Dior, Burberry), high street retailers (Zara, H&M, Uniqlo) and beauty businesses (Nars, MAC, Ouai) are a part of the new update. Socially dependent beauty brands such as KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics are also participants, with a total of 23 brands initially signed up to the new feature.

Instagram has slowing been increasing the consumer’s mindset to transact since 2016, and the recent launch of the shopping price tag within posts, saw a massive 177% rise in use since September 2018.

The convenience of transacting within the app doesn’t just stop there; once the consumer makes their first transaction, their details will be secured within the platform for their next purchase. This new founded ease of the customer journey will allow brands to convert the consumer quicker than ever before.

Michael Kors said in an official statement, "Much like when we ran the first-ever Instagram ad, we see checkout on Instagram as an opportunity to excite our fans with something new and innovative that will make their shopping experience more seamless than ever before," the brand continued, "Our customers are always on the go and with this new feature they can shop whenever, and wherever, they want."

What’s in it for Instagram? Everything. Not only will they charge retailers a transactional fee, they will also gain even more insight and data to the consumers behaviour; a drawback for brands, because the transaction takes place outside of their domain, losing critical insight to their customer’s purchasing behaviour.

A win for Facebook owned Instagram but perhaps a dangerous feature for the consumer. Will you make an Instagram transaction?