How To Write A 5 Year Plan

Although career planning can seem time consuming and daunting, it helps structure your ambitions with realistic milestones that help you stay on track. They reveal what you value most in your career whilst also giving you the opportunity to track your career performance and progression. In an ever-changing world, modern career planning is required to adapt to the volatility of our industry; a job you may picture yourself in, in five years time, may not even exist. Follow these tips and start defining your career path the right way.

1) Always Remember Your Vision
Never forget the goal you’re trying to achieve; 5 years is a long time and staying on track to arrive at your final destination is imperative.

2) Set Smaller Milestones
Setting goals adds strategy to your desired target. These milestones could be in the form of job titles, salary expectation, or even key responsibilities.

3) Continue Learning
Knowledge is power. It’s important to stay relevant by enhancing your skills set; continue developing your knowledge with career-based education. Attend relevant seminars, sign up to webinars and network with professionals in your industry; make sure these are included in your plan.

4) Re-evaluation Is Key
Ensure you’re continually monitoring your plan. Whether it is after a company appraisal or accepting a new job, check and realign your career objectives with how you define success and where you want to go in life.

5) Stay Motivated
Be public with your career plan; tell friends and family your strategy and ask them to hold you accountable. This way, you will stay motivated to achieve the goals you have set which gives you a better chance of achieving your end target.