How To Write The Perfect Job Description

Writing an interesting job description is fundamental to successfully filling a vacancy. No matter if you’re a recruiter or in-house acquisition, your job is the mutual interest between yourself and a possible candidate, therefore, it must be clearly and positively communicated. Here is some guidance on how to write an engaging job description.

Make your Company Attractive
Attracting ideal candidates with your job description starts by marketing the company you’re assisting in a positive light. Engage your reader by highlighting the reasons why you would want to work for the company and the positives of its working environment. Corresponding values are key for jobseekers looking for a new start, so be sure to include your company’s vision for the present and future .

Don’t Bore Your Potential Candidate
Although giving enough detail is crucial to a successful advert, boring your candidate with too much information is highly detrimental. Approximately 60% of candidates job search on mobile, thus a screen containing a lot of text can be daunting. When listing the ideal requirements of your perfect candidate or the requirements of the role, keep them brief and only include what is highly necessary. Overwhelming your candidate will deter them from applying; remember, you can delve further into the role at the interview.

Format is Key
Having a clear job description is crucial for the success of the role. Firstly, if you’re passing this role onto an agency, the main criteria you’re looking for must be clear, to give your consultant the best possible chance to retrieve the correct candidates. However, regardless of passing roles onto agencies, it is key to ensure professionalism throughout your job description. Use spell checks, bold where necessary and double check your punctuation and grammar.

Always Include Benefits
It is rare to include a salary on a job description; the human resourcing goal is to find a candidate that wants to work for the company’s culture and not just the money. Try to include key benefits and perks of the job. Whether it’s a supplemented season ticket for travel or a free membership at the local gym, list these at the end of your job description.

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