How To Manage Social Media With Your Career

We recently found and put forward a fantastic candidate that had the precise experience and skills required by our client. Upon reviewing their CV, our client told us that social media feeds are the first thing they look at to ensure employees are aligned with their company brand and upon doing so, they felt the candidate did not suit their brand image. The client was disappointed because as suspected, the candidate was everything they were looking for, but for this sole reason, they did not move forward with their application.

This opened a discussion at Freedom on what social media can mean for a career; here we explore the social media paths candidates can take which could make or break a career move.

Open or Private?

Whether you’re sunning yourself in the Caribbean or venturing to exhibitions on the weekend, Social Media is your personal outlet to capture whatever you choose to. However, consider that social media is as much at your future employer’s fingertips as it is yours and first impressions really are everything.

Keep in mind that in the creative industry, social media really is a tool to use to your advantage. Whether it’s tweeting to express your viewpoints on fashion’s impact on global warming or to use Instagram and Facebook as your creative collage, we encourage candidates to use social channels to establish and express themselves in a professional manner - just make sure your identity (style and tone of voice) is similar to the brands you want to work for.

Freedom’s Head of Design, Dex Moore believes that using a creative channel such as Instagram is a great way for designers to show case their work “It would be great if our candidates created a professional account to showcase their work; it’s a virtual portfolio that gives our clients further access to the candidates work. If anything, we would encourage candidates to put their Instagram handle on their CV’s so that our clients can get a better impression of the candidates’ skills”.

Ultimately, the answer to this question is truly down to you. If you would rather not risk social media influencing your application and you prefer your CV/portfolio to be the only point of reference to your future employer (there is nothing wrong with this option) then we strongly advise that you keep your accounts private.


Like all things, there are exceptions to the rules. Linkedin truly is your virtual CV and you should take great care and pride with your Linkedin account because more often than not, this really is where your future employer will look. Remember, everything you like, share, comment on or groups you join is on full display, so be sure to optimise your Linkedin profile.

The world truly has changed since the inception of social media and this really is a decision for you to make. To summarise, we would either suggest that if it’s not relevant to your career, make your personal accounts private. Otherwise if you’re looking to showcase your personal brand with the viewpoint that any and all future employers have access to it, then you’ll need to be confident that what you display, will not ruin your chances of your next career move.

If you would like further advice on this, then please email [email protected] or call 0207 734 9779 and the relevant consultant will be happy to review your accounts.