Glastonbury Tackles Fast Fashion

In a bid to raise awareness to the rising concerns of fast fashion, Glastonbury has teamed up with Oxfam to promote second-hand shopping.

From July through to September fans can win or buy items donated by this year’s performers. Expect to see Kylie Minogue’s visor, Gabriella Aplin’s sequin jump suit and Johnny Marr’s psychedelic print shirt. Others donating include Sheryl Crow, The Cure and Billie Eilish and will be available on Oxfam’s online shop.

Singer, Gabriella Aplin commented, “I love the idea of my outfit being sold by Oxfam to help people who don't have the basics in life. And I believe passionately in sustainability. Chucking perfectly good clothes in landfill really has to stop.”

The campaign is a part of Oxfam’s wider ‘Second-Hand September’ campaign which was launched at Glastonbury and will challenge the public to not buy any new clothes for one month. The charity has found that 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill each year – with around 47 million items saved from waste by Oxfam every year.

Challenge accepted...