Chanel Ban Exotic Animal Skin And Fur

Chanel have recently announced they will be abolishing all exotic animal skin and fur from its collections. The luxury French fashion house will instead look to develop new sustainable materials that benefit the environment, however Chanel are yet to clarify what these will be. Crocodile, lizard and snake skin handbags were very popular items for the brand in recent years, however the usage of fur was already very minimal. Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, said he couldn’t remember doing fur at Chanel, recalling, “You look at old collections, there was not much fur.”

When speaking with WWD, Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president of fashion, explained the decision was more for practical reasons, as it became too hard to find exotic animal skin that met both the brand’s design and ethical standards. “It is our experience that it is becoming increasingly difficult to source exotic skins,” he said.

Pavlovsky continued to say the future of Chanel product lie with the innovation of their talented team of designers. “The future of high-end products will come from the know-how of what our atelier is able to do,” he said, adding that it may take “some time” for existing animal skin items to go out of distribution.

Chanel has become the latest brand to join the growing list of industry leaders waving goodbye to the usage of fur. Gucci. Versace, Burberry and Michael Kors have already committed to a fur-free future.