Celine Enters The Fragrance Market

From dropping its famed acute accent to entering the menswear market, Hedi Slimane has bought a lot of change to Celine’s 69 year old Maison and he shows no signs of slowing down. The brand has announced that it will be introducing a new fragrance line called “La Collection Haute Celine Parfumerie”. Curated by the designer himself, the 11 gender-neutral fragrances are themed around moments, places and people that are close to him.

Of the same-sex fragrance the press released said "The faceted accords and compositions in the collection deliberately make no distinction or separation between traditional masculine and feminine notes. They harmonize or blend together in a continuous questioning of modernity and identities."

With its clean lines, a combination of Art Deco and the art of French glass blowing, the bottle itself is sure to be an Instagram favourite.

This is not a first for Slimane, who created a fragrance line for Christian Dior back in 2004. He did not just play a part in choosing the fragrance but was also responsible for designing the bottles too.

The brand first launched a scent in 1964 called Vent Fou and have not returned to the fragrance market since. 9 of the 11 fragrances are set to launch in October, with the reaming 2 to be launched next year. With names like "Reptile" and "Nightclubbing," the '60s and '70s-inspired scents are intended to span daytime and nighttime wear.