8 Apps To Keep You Inspired

As temperatures drop, so does motivation. If you need that spark to get things done, we’ve outlined the top eight motivational applications for both iOS and Andriod.

Fabulous – Motivate me! – Andriod - Free
Fabulous acts like your very own electronic personal trainer, providing a holistic approach to human health. The app offers advice and recommendations on how to improve the quality of sleep, meditation, practicing yoga and positive thinking. Users are given tasks to complete across a significant period of time so the habit becomes automatic. For example, it is widely known that people drink less water than the body requires on a daily basis; Fabulous sets the task of drinking 1.5 litres of water per day. The simple interface allows for users to enjoy an easy journey through the app to achieve the goals they aspire too. Using pretested and scientifically justified methods, Fabulous makes users stronger, healthier and more punctual.

Forest: Stay Focused – iOS and Android - £1.99
The principle behind Forest is simple yet unique; motivate the unfocused to focus. Whenever you need to concentrate on a project, the app will start a timer. During the countdown, you grow a tree. The trees come in different shapes and sizes depending on the time allocated for the project. If the user exits the app or switches to a different programme, the tree dies. Cultivate your own will along with adding trees to your very own personal virtual forest. Sound easy? Give it a try!

Way Of Life – The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker - iOS and Android - Free
Way of Life is the perfect tool for making a thought a habit. It will not only help draw a schedule of regular excises for cementing a habit, but it will also track your successes and failures, providing statistics in the form of visual tables and graphs. Using an uncomplicated system of red and green labels, Way Of Life records the positive and negative aspects in your daily activities. If used correctly, the app will help form a pool of useful habits that will become fundamental to your every day lifestyle.

Success – iOS - Free
Do you need a little push in order to get something done? If so, Success is the perfect app for you. Easily put, Success is a powerful life management system that will help you plan, focus and achieve real and lasting results. The application looks to boost productivity by using a unique set of effective tools to help accomplish the goals you set. The straight forward and user friendly interface allows consumers to focus on making progress and getting results. Take control of your own life with Success.

Strides: Goal and Habit Tracker - iOS - Free
Strides, an application for iOS users, controls the process of achieving targets. From setting and determining the goal all the way to the deadline for achievement, the program automatically coordinates a schedule per goal and delivers daily reports on progress. Thanks to visual statistics, Strides is very effective as a means for self motivation.

Pact - iOS - Free
Pact offers a costly approach to motivation. Users enter their bank details and when goals are missed or tasks break down, real money is withdrawn from their accounts. Consumers choose the amount they are willing to pay for their punishments, however their successes allows them to earn their money back. You can also make a profit from other members who don’t achieve their goals. For example, if you’re looking to improve your diet and you eat a chocolate bar, the amount of money designated as punishment will be taken from your account. Knowing that incomplete goals results in loosing money, users must try to follow the rules established for themselves.

iWish - iOS and Android - Free
iWish is a very colourful and motivational application that allows users to focus on achieving dreams. Via posting inspiring photos on various themes, iWish serves as a wish list of goals and targets. Not only does the digital bucket list track your progress, it also offers inspirational ideas for users to complete.

Coach.me – iOS and Android - Free
Coach.me is the nearest thing to a social goal setting application. The programme tracks the accomplishment of planned actions and objectively evaluates the results. You can actively see other peoples’ tasks and also the number of completed tasks daily. Users can leave comments and likes on other users’ schedules as a form of group motivation.