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Cryptocurrency; the Good, the Bad, and the ‘What Actually is it?

23 June 2021 / News

Despite being, on the face of it, a fairly ‘daunting’ market to enter, the crypto market is continuing to witness its longest bull run to date, with thousands of people signing up to various trading sites daily. Coinbase, for example, reported that as many as 70,000 to 100,000 accounts a day are being opened on

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Men’s Health Week; Redefining ‘Man Up’

16 June 2021 / News

Man up: phrasal verb of man: INFORMAL: be brave enough to deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation. ‘’You just have to man up and take it.’’ (English Dictionary).   We all have mental health, and it’s highly likely that we have all been touched by mental health conditions in one way or another, whether

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Celebrating 30 Years of Graduate Fashion Week

2 June 2021 / News

This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most important events in the fashion industry; Graduate Fashion Week. GFW is run by the charitable organisation, the Graduate Fashion Foundation, who work to unite international and UK universities and put emerging talent from across the globe under the spotlight. As well as providing a

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An Interview with Senior Partner, Affy Hussain

24 May 2021 / Uncategorized

Data is king; it’s a residing fact that we all have to accept. It dominates the landscape for business models irrespective of sector. I was genuinely excited to speak to Affy on both a professional and personal level. It was a glorious morning, sun shining over the London skyline, a perfect setting for a phone call.

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The 21st Century Bike Boom

20 May 2021 / News

We live in a world where everything is instant, fast-paced, and constantly moving forwards. A world where car manufacturers are constantly competing to produce the quickest, sleekest product. But during the lockdown, as the world slowed to a halt, the humble bicycle, that was once our standard form of transport, made a comeback. Last year,

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Back to Work! (in real life).

11 May 2021 / News | Work

With restrictions easing across the globe, many of us are mentally preparing ourselves for the return to work in ‘real’ life. After a year spent surrounded by the same four walls, most of us are understandably keen to get back to the workplace and bring back ‘normality.’ If you’ve popped into town lately, you’ll have

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Sustainable Fashion; Trendy or Timeless?

26 April 2021 / News

In light of Earth day last week, we thought we’d put the spotlight on one of the world’s largest polluters; the fashion industry. Many of us have heard the facts. According to the UN Environment Programme, it would take thirteen years to drink the water used to make one pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

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Is Digital Transformation a ‘Do or Die’ Moment for the Fashion Industry?

19 April 2021 / Digital transformation

Digitalisation in the Retail is nothing new. Way before the pandemic, the fashion industry has been investing heavily in digital channels. As consumers became more demanding and new technologies emerged, the only way to survive was to meet expectations by offering a convergence of online and offline channels to make the customer journey as seamless

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What we can learn from Shanghai Fashion Week

9 April 2021 / News

It is no secret that the pandemic has had a significant impact on all businesses, and the fashion industry is no exception; major shows have been postponed and millions of designers, seamstresses and factory workers have been furloughed or made redundant across the globe. The effects of this devastation can be felt across the entire

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