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7 things to include in your personal website

3 July 2020 / Finding work | Work

Having a personal website is fast becoming an imperative – but what to include?

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Can the apparel sector emerge stronger after Covid-19?

26 June 2020 / Digital transformation

“Apparel companies need to take a pureplay mindset to building the digital side of their businesses thus maximising a key growth channel.” – OC&C

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Digital transformation, ecommerce and pandemics.

16 June 2020 / Digital transformation | Work

It takes a global pandemic to emphasise the importance of digital transformation.

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How to take control of your personal branding

12 June 2020 / Finding work | Work

Personal branding can be a highly effective tool in the workplace – but requires dedication, forethought and a bit of planning.

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The 4-day work week?

4 June 2020 / News | Work

Can reducing everyone’s working week help save economies?

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The ideal playlist for…

29 May 2020 / Friday fun

Spotify playlists for work, motivation and your dog.

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Cover letter tips

28 May 2020 / Finding work

Here are our top tips to make your cover letter achieve the right results…

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Time to update your CV

22 May 2020 / Finding work

Whether or not you are currently searching for work, it’s good to have an up-to-date CV on hand for whatever opportunities that might crop up.

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7 free courses to progress your career

14 May 2020 / Learning

Whether you are still in lockdown, or venturing into work for the first time in a while, there are still a wide range of free courses available that can help you progress your career or broaden your mind.

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